Our Clients

Clients NameLocationDescription
King Saud University Riyadh Construction and rehabilition
The Ministry of Education Riyadh Rehabilition of the entrance and rampwall ministry
Royal Institute Riyadh Rehabilition and implement business paints.
Maritime border Guard Alkunfotha, Mekkah Repair workshop affairs
Presidency of border guard, Jeddah Maintenance works hunker labs
Presidency of border guard Jeddah Building maintenanace work confidential
Kaya Center beuty Riyadh Building maintenanace works
His Royal Highness Prince, Mohamad Bin Fahad Bin AbdelAsis Riyadh Internal decoration and paints (Bin Laden main contractor)
Samaco company Jeddah Devolpment of warehouse and establishment of 2 containers capacity of 72000m3
Al Khalij Training & Education Dammam, Mekkah, Al MAdina, Al Baha, Yanbo The establishment and rehabilition of training centers
General Education Department Jeddah Rehabilition and maintenanace works
STC Jeddah, Dammam Rehabilition, Repair workshop affairs
Al Anud Tower Riyadh Internal decoration and paints
Carrefour Riyadh Internal decoration and paints
Al Oaroba Plaza Riyadh Execution paints and repair work reinforcing
Elegant home furnshing co. Riyadh Execution warehouses and exhibitions
Privet Villa and Buildings. Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam Tmkey


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